We sincerely apologize for all errors within our charting. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Autumn Cloche- DMC Color Error

The DMC color listed as 844 should read 3865, and be a near white. The NPI colors listed are correct.

My Home in the Garden- Symbol Error

The fifth symbol down for colors DMC 503/Gloriana Blue Spruce Light should be a Sun Symbol, not a an x. Please click here for a printable, corrected back page

The Third Day of Christmas Sampler and Tree.

After discovering several symbol errors in the original print run of this pattern, I created a PDF download of the corrections for convenience. Please click here to view/download/print corrections.

The Carnation Sampler

There is an error on the symbol list of the first print run for this design. The symbol for the fifth symbol down: 920/Chrysanthemum should be three dots in a triangle orientation.

The Red R Sampler

There is an error in the thread list of Needlepoint Silk colors listed. The fourth thread listed/solid circle symbol should have the NPI color 534 (red).